Lightweight Wallet



Fujicoin's official wallet supporting BIP44.
It is amazingly lightweight and highly secure wallet.
It is available on the download page.


MultiExplorer Wallet

Open source multicurrency wallet supporting BIP44.
It is amazingly lightweight and highly secure wallet.
Moreover, it is easy to use even on a smartphone.

FujiCoin Core Wallet

The FujiCoin core wallet is based on the well known Bitcoin Core QT wallet. Anyone familiar with this one will be up and running with the FujiCoin wallet in very little time.

How to Install the Core Wallet


Unzip to anywhere you like. Then open FujiCoin folder, execute fujicoin-qt.exe.
In the first time, it is needed very long time to synchronize your DB to FujiCoin network.
Your DB is found in C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\FujiCoin folder.

How to install in a short period of time

When you install wallet first time, it will take a very long time until the database is synchronized with the network. Currently it may take around 12 hours, and in the future it will take more time. So Fuji coin decided to provide a service that you can install in around 30 minutes.
We will provide latest database onece in a month, then please use it. Download the latest database from here .
How to Use:

  • Unzip downloaded fujicoinDB-[yymmdd].zip to \Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\ .
  • Database has been unpacked under Roaming\FujiCoin .
  • Start fujicoin-qt.exe you already obtained.

Very simple! It should be noted that you can use this method in your wallet that did not utilize a long period of time.

  • Change the name of Roaming\FujiCoin .
  • Unzip fujicoinDB-[yymmdd].zip similarly above.
  • Copy your wallet.dat file to Roaming\FujiCoin\ .
  • Start fujicoin-qt.exe

By this process, your database will be synchronized to the network in a short time.

Wallet Address

You can findout your wallet address in the receive tab.
It is easy to make new addresses as you like.

Paper Wallet

Paper wallet is available in the FujiCoin. You can obtain from the download page. Please see here how to use.
It should be noted that, in order to deposit into your PC wallet using the private key, use the console of the debug window. Please execute the following command in the console.
importprivkey [private key]