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Your wallet is the software you use to send, receive and store FujiCoin.

Latest Update: Jun 28, 2014


PlatformFujiCoin (2.0)

FujiCoin QT Wallet

FujiCoin QT Wallet with mining software
Mac OS X

FujiCoin QT Wallet

fujicoind 32bit

fujicoind 64bit

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Paper Wallet

FujiCoin Paper Wallet
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There is a possibility that the anti-virus software to recognize mining software as a virus.

Terms of Use

By using this software, you acknowledge and understand that FujiCoin org. is not intended for use in any illegal activity, and that no person or entity associated with the creation, development, marketing, or furtherance of FujiCoin shall be held responsible for use by any individual, group, or entity that is against the law in their respective jurisdiction.

The risk of something going wrong is very low. However, the software is still in development. This means that things can break and there are no guarantees about it. Use it at your own risk, follow the instructions exactly, and only use money that you can afford to lose should something go wrong.